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Claim Procedures

Procedures for claiming Central Govt. Incentives


  • All claims of Subsidy under the Central Package of incentives are received by the respective General Manager of District Industry Centre. Thereafter the General Manger scrutinizes the claim with reference to the provision of the respective incentive and all original documents submitted to him and forwards the same to the Director, Industries & Commerce Srinagar/ Jammu.
  • The respective Director, Industries & Commerce, thereafter further scrutinizes these cases and submits the same to the State Level Committee for its consideration along with his specific recommendations.
  • The State Level Committee, then considers such cases in its meeting held as frequently as required and approves, modifies or rejects cases as it deems proper.
  • On receipt of the decisions of the State Level Committee, the respective Director Industries & Commerce, issues individual sanction letters specifying the amounts due to each claimant. Such sanction letters are sent by the respective Directors, Industries & Commerce, to the General Manager of the District Industry Centre concerned.
  • The General Manager, District Industry Centre, thereafter verifies each case with reference to :
    1. The functional status of the unit.
    2. The dues of the unit to State/Central Government agencies.
    3. Dues of the Units to the Commercial Banks, Financial institutions etc.
    4. And also obtains an agreement / indemnity bond on prescribed formats from each claimant that if at a later stage his claim is found to be false or excessive he would be liable to return the amount disbursed to him.

Since the subsidies thus sanctioned under the Central Package of incentives are to be disbursed through J&K DFC Ltd., after the post State Level Committee approvals, scrutiny of each claim is done by the concerned General Managers of District Industry Centre and after all formalities are completed, such cases are referred through respective Director Industries & Commerce to J&K DFC Ltd. for disbursement in the proforma prescribed by Government of India with such documents as are relevant to post State Level Committee approvals scrutiny. J&K DFC Ltd. verifies each claim with reference to all such documents and makes disbursements as it deems fit after conducting an on spot inspection of the unit to establish its functional status on the date of disbursement of the incentive.